This week I worked on fixing some problems with messaging. Messaging was making a lot of request which made the website extremely slow after a few messages. There was a problem with setting up the listeners to the pusher channel because every message the listeners were doubled. I also changed the messaging model to make it easier to get the most recent messages so I can utilize that to make a homepage.

I couldnt work on messages for most of this week since I had to wait for my partner to finish his sign in changes and messaging relies on information from sign in. I added the necessary redux functions that I will need to implement messaging as soon as I have access to the new sign in page.

After completing the chat front end last week I started working on connecting the back end to the front end. I added a component to our root component that would keep track of the chat database to see when a message is sent to the user. Whenever a message is received, the user will retrieve that chat from the database and display the messages. I also added the functionally to type text and send it on the client.

This week I started working on the back end for messaging. I researched how to make real time messaging in the MERN stack and I found out about about pusher which is used to connect your friend end with your database in real time. After finishing the back end routes for messaging and testing pusher with the front end I started working on the front end of messaging. At the end of the week we had a group meetup to see where everyone is and plan what we will do in the week. I decided to finish implementing messages so hopefully by the end of next week messaging will be fully functional on the website.

This week we worked on the minimum viable product. We watched a few tutorials on MERN so we can get a general idea of what we need to do. I forked our repository and started working on the sign up and sign in routes for the back end. After completing the routes me and Deval started working on connecting the back end to the front end. Finally I implemented the sign out button. After finishing the MVP, we worked on the slides to summarize the the problem our website addresses and the results from the lo-fi testing

After the usability tests, we wrote down a list of the key problems that the users brought up while testing. In our first meeting after the usability tests, we used recordings of the tests plus the notes we took down to make the usability test report. After finishing up on the usability test report we spent the rest of the week working on the project design document. we completed the Systems Design & Software Architecture section and added more detail to the project scope and the milestone schedule.

This week we worked on the lo-fi prototype for our website groupme. Each group member drew some rough sketches for what they wanted the website to look like and we shared those sketches in a meeting. Using a combination of the ideas in the sketches we made an adobeXD lo-fi prototype of our website. We tested our tasks on it to make sure the pages were connected properly so we wont have any problems during the usability tests. After finishing the prototype we started working on the design document. We copied most of the UX brief into the design document…

We had presentations in lecture this week. I evaluated 3 of the presentations and listened to the rest of them. I learned a lot of new things from the presentations like the fact that we can check the course evaluations on quercus. Our presentation went pretty well and people loved our third persona. In our meeting this week our group decided to start on the lo fi prototype and the design document next week.

This week I learned about the different ways to make apps for the app store and the google store from the tutorials. I also learned about the different front end frameworks and back end frameworks that we can use for our project since we are planning on making a website. My group and I had several meetings throughout the week to work on the UX brief. We decided to split the presentation between all four of us. After finishing our UX brief we decided who is presenting what. I will be presenting the pain points along with the user personas. I ended the week with making the slides and practicing the presentation with my group during which I updated a few points in the UX brief which sounded out of place while presenting.

For week 2 I:

Worked on the survey and interview questions

Sent the survey to 3 students from 2 different universities and 2 different programs

Interviewed the 3 students and recorded the interview to get quotes for the experience map

Put my points on the experience map and voted for the main points that I felt important

Mohammed Alghazali

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